Roads & Traffic Engineering

Pula Consultants has delivered sustainable engineering solutions in the development of the national road network and associated traffic management systems and/or techniques. The world of today is faced with limited financial and human resources to execute plans suitable for efficient and effective traffic and road network management systems and/or techniques. Pula Consultants has over the years contributed significantly to this development process through its engagement by Government and Private entities on various road infrastructure projects for feasibility studies, design and construction supervision.

Sebina Junction - Nata Road Rehabilitation

Pula Consultants in Association with African Consulting Engineers (ACE) has finalized detailed pavement and materials investigations for the rehabilitation of Sebina Junction - Nata Road for Roads Department under the Ministry of Transport and Communications.  The road is 140 Km and basically comprises a variety of treatment to the road section depending of the condition of the road.

Grade Separated Junction Francistown

This component of works was initially formulated to be part of Upgrading of Tonota-Francistown Road Project through the Roads Department of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The interchange design phase was completed in August 2014 and construction commenced in October 2014.

Tonota - Francistown Road

This is a 30 km section of the A1 National Primary Road starting from Tonota to Francistown under the auspices of Roads Department of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The road section (Tonota – Francistown) is being upgraded from single carriageway to dual carriageway standard including construction of new dual lane bridge structures across Tati, Shashe and Tholodi Rivers as well as construction of access roads to the adjacent Kgotla.

Metsimotlhabe to Molepolole Road

Pula Consultants was awarded the Metsimotlhabe to Molepolole road by the Roads Department, under the Ministry of Transport and Communications, to carry out the detailed design and construction supervision for the rehabilitation of the existing road.  The road stretch is approximately 42 km starting from just before the Metsimotlhabe Bridge to the entrance to Molepolole village. There are few access roads provided on this road project.

The design has since been completed while the construction of the road is on hold.

Francistown – Ramokgwebana Road Upgrading and Reconstruction

This was a design and supervision of the reconstruction and rehabilitation of 78 km Francistown-Ramokgwebana Road and separate isolated access roads totalling 250km.

Part of the 4.5km of the main road was constructed to dual carriageway standard and the balance in single carriageway.The access roads had two 24m bridges of two-span each. The base was of graded crushed stone which was sourced from newly identified site in between the project area.