Francistown – Ramokgwebana Road Upgrading and Reconstruction

This was a design and supervision of the reconstruction and rehabilitation of 78 km Francistown-Ramokgwebana Road and separate isolated access roads totalling 250km.

Part of the 4.5km of the main road was constructed to dual carriageway standard and the balance in single carriageway.The access roads had two 24m bridges of two-span each. The base was of graded crushed stone which was sourced from newly identified site in between the project area.

In Francistown, a traffic signalised junction linking with railway crossing was adopted and signals configured to be in rhythm with train travel at the junction. Another signal was presented at Dumela junction serving the industrial zone of Francistown at km 4.5 towards Ramokgwebana.

Client Name: 
Roads Department
Project Group: 
Roads & Traffic Engineering