About Us

Pula Consultants drives its process through adherence to principles of quality designs, project planning and management of development infrastructure at both national and international level by adopting internationally recognised methods and standards. To ensure adherence to the set principles and compliance to set standards, Pula Consultants has developed its Vision, Mission and Core Values to direct its mandate as follows:


We endeavour/aspire/aim to create an enabling environment for the attainment of a balanced and cost effective designs and management of development infrastructure.


  • To provide engineering solutions for the future.
  • To provide value engineering development solutions for individuals, organisation and corporate bodies at national and international levels.
  • To provide cross cutting value engineering solutions for national and international development programmes


  • Passion for excellence
  • Reliability in delivery of engineering services
  • Commitment to quality engineering designs and project management processes
  • Loyalty to our Clients and partners
  • Be exemplary in the market through competitiveness (Botho)