Grade Separated Junction Francistown

This component of works was initially formulated to be part of Upgrading of Tonota-Francistown Road Project through the Roads Department of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The interchange design phase was completed in August 2014 and construction commenced in October 2014. The scope of the construction phase was to construct a grade separated junction (fly-over) and associated approach roads.  Project activities included but not limited to extension and/or limited replacement of the existing and new inlet and outlet in-situ box and pipe culverts structures; installation of sub-surface drains; construction of erosion protection measures where required; construction of New Jersey barriers and raised median; Provision of Street lighting; Provision of Traffic signal lights at designated junctions; Finishing off of the road reserve and spoil areas.

The project cost is estimated at 140 million Pula (2014 prices) and estimated to take 18 months to complete construction.

Client Name: 
Roads Department
Project Group: 
Roads & Traffic Engineering