Tonota - Francistown Road

This is a 30 km section of the A1 National Primary Road starting from Tonota to Francistown under the auspices of Roads Department of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The road section (Tonota – Francistown) is being upgraded from single carriageway to dual carriageway standard including construction of new dual lane bridge structures across Tati, Shashe and Tholodi Rivers as well as construction of access roads to the adjacent Kgotla. The project road falls within the City of Francistown, North East and Central Districts of Botswana and it required involvement of those administrative bodies in its procurement and implementation process. The project cost is estimated to take 36 months to complete construction. In addition, construction includes relocation of services such as Water Utilities Corporation waterlines, Botswana Power Corporation services, Botswana Telecommunications Services and Sewerage lines. The design of this project was done in conjuction with Keeve Steyn (Pty) Ltd of South Africa. 

Client Name: 
Roads Department
Project Group: 
Roads & Traffic Engineering