Thune Dam, New Realigned Road

Pula Consultants as part of the Thune Dam Consultants Joint Venture carried out design Review and Documentation of NEW road alignment as part of Thune Dam project.

The realignment comprised of a NEW double surfaced 12km road section over virgin land. The carriageway  way comprised of two 3m lane and 1.5m surfaced shoulder. Some of the challenges of the project included traversing a 3.5Km stretch with “Kahalari sands” which required specialised treatment of the roadbed and formation layers at the section. The base was of graded crushed stone sourced from a quarry identified for sourcing the aggregate to be used for dam construction.

In addition, the new alignment included design and construction of a NEW 120m 5 span in-situ concrete bridge over Thune River. This bridge is meant to replace an existing bridge wich will be inundated in water after completion of the dam.

Client Name: 
Department of Water Affairs
Project Group: 
Water & Wastewater Engineering