Metsimotlhabe Block 4 Infrastructure

Metsimotlhabe is situated in the East of the Kweneng District, which is in the South – East of Botswana. Its geographical coordinates are 24º 00' S and 25º 00 E. According to the Kweneng District Settlement Strategy (2000 – 2024), Kweneng District is the 5th and 3rd largest district in the country in terms of area and population, respectively.

Pula Consultants undertook the Consultancy Services in respect of detailed design of roads, storm water drainage, power, water, sewage and telecommunication. The design of the infrastructure covered, but not limited to, the following;

  • Traffic Volume Analyses and projection to determine the anticipated traffic to be generated and attracted to the settlement at full development and the design of both the geometry of the road and its pavement.
  • Drainage  of surface and subsurface runoff from the road carriageway, side and subsurface drains, including culverts.
  • Sewage and Water design in accordance with the Department of Sanitation and Waste Management’s Botswana National Wastewater and Sanitation Planning and Design Manual (2003).
  • Power and Telecommunication in liaison with Botswana Power Corporation and Botswana Telecommunications Corporation to carry out their designs.
  • Geotechnical  Investigations to ascertain the soil condition on which the infrastructure is founded and also to enable determination of the type and extent of pavement required to give the roads the desired performance over their design life.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment done in accordance with the provisions of the Environmental Impact Assessment Act of Botswana.
  • Topographic Survey carried out to ascertain, among others, topographic strip surveying along the respective road corridors, positioning of existing properties and services, identifying properties that fall within the road servitude, establishing Temporary Benchmarks to be used during construction.
Client Name: 
Ministry of Lands and Housing
Project Group: 
Master Planning & Studies