Feasibility Study for Strategic Road Network

The Government of Botswana through the Roads Department of the Ministry of Works and Transport engaged the services of engineering consultants, Pula Consultants in association with Group Consult Botswana to undertake a Feasibility Study for Strategic Road Network.

The overall objective was to conduct the study from which the feasibility study findings are presented a phased implementation programme for inclusion in the National Development Plan 10 (NDP10). The primary tasks and associated deliverables of the project being undertaken are in two folds, namely:

  • Execution of a network definition process by reviewing the PHN in accordance with the recommendations of the Road Maintenance Study of April 1993 and the Public Highway Network classification, including updating of the link numbering system and the Map and information of the PHN; and
  • Carrying out feasibility of the identified potential NDP10 projects and undertake an Economic Analysis of the same using recognized Project Appraisal Method to establish projects roads viability to attract reconstruction, rehabilitation or upgrading. The work involved the execution of critical and related road condition assessment, evaluation of cross drainage structures, reviewing capacity of the respective roads/bridges and identification of new projects.  The economic analysis worked out cost estimates for potential projects, ranking the projects and preparing a Chapter for inclusion in the National Development Plan 10.


Client Name: 
Roads Department
Project Group: 
Master Planning & Studies