BPC Morupule B Station

The scope of the works were:

  • The development of detailed designs in respect of 21No production boreholes in the southern compartment of Mmashoro well-field.
  • The detailed design of submersible pumps and associated electrical equipment so as to pump water into a system of secondary collector tanks.
  • Detailed topographical surveys of the pipeline routes and various sites for the collector tanks.
  • Detailed design of booster pump stations to transfer water from the secondary collector tanks to the primary collector tank.
  • Detailed design of a booster pump station to transfer water from the primary collector tank and deliver into a 90,000m3 reservoir to be sited at Morupule B Pump Station site,(reservoir designed by others.
  • Detailed design of a transmission pipeline to convey water from the primary collector tank and discharge into the 90,000m3 s reservoir at Morupule B Pump Station site.
  • Design of an auxiliary pump station and transmission pipeline to transfer water from the existing 24,000m3 NSC fed surface reservoir adjacent to the Colliery Mine, and deliver the water into a 90,000m3 reservoir at Morupule B Pump Station site.

To advise on the electrical power supply requirements for each production well, and other additional power requirements so as to enable BPC to facilitate electrical power supply and site specific connections for the project.

Design in detail a radio telemetry system linking the whole scheme to a central SCADA system.
Detailed design of all associated mechanical, electrical, motor control panels, earthing and lightning protection, lighting and small power systems in buildings, and all other ancillary works of a  mechanical and electrical nature associated with the water supply scheme. 

The project area lies in the Central District of Botswana, approximately 300km north of Gaborone. The area extends from the Mmashoro well-field area north west of Paje village, and includes the Paje – Mmashoro road corridor; from Paje village it stretches to Morupule via the existing Paje well-field – BPC Morupule pipeline servitude corridor, up to the proposed site of the BPC Morupule B Power Station which is located some 5km east of Palapye.

These works were undertaken as a sequence to overall project realisation in close laison with other divisons of Pula cosultants viz civil and structural enginering.
Detailed Design cost estimates of the recommended development option have been approximated at about P427,744,387 Million VAT inclusive for connecting the southern compartment boreholes only.

Client Name: 
Botswana Power Corporation
Project Group: 
Water & Wastewater Engineering